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ILL39 Series  
LED Dome Light
New!  Ultrabright, flange mount LED area lights designed for reliable use in heavy duty applications. Multiple-diode designs provide bright light output while conserving power. Diodes produce little heat and last up to 100,000 hours–no bulbs to replace. Corrosion proof, polycarbonate housing and lens–same material as bullet proof glass. Operating voltage 12-24VDC (low voltage cut-off 11.0VDC). Hard wired design includes 16-gauge lead and ground wires for mounting to all surfaces. Leads terminate in 180 male plugs for quick and easy connection to existing wire harnesses. Sealed housings and potted circuitry for waterproof peformance.
Part No. Description Diodes Amp Draw       Pkg.
ILL39CBP 39-diode dome light 39 0.669A       Polypack
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