MCL-59 Series
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MCL59 Series
2.5" Round LED Marker/Clearance Light with Reflectorized Lens
LED clearance or side marker light with reflex, features a reflectorized lens eliminating the need for a separate reflector to meet DOT requirements.  Sonically sealed, waterproof lens and housing combined into a single unit.  Accepts industry standard 2-prong plug for easy retrofit of incandescent lights.  Requires mounting grommet and plug for complete installation.  Multiple mounting and wiring options available.  Available in red or amber.
Part No. Description Diodes Amp Draw/ Voltage       Pkg.
MCL59ABP Amber 8 .045A/12.8V       Polypack
MCL59RBP Red 8 .045A/12.8V       Polypack
A46PBP Straight plug, 6" lead - -       Polypack
A55GBP Flush mount grommet (open back) - -       Polypack
A56GBP Recessed mount grommet (closed back) - -       Polypack
A57GBP Recessed mount grommet (open back) - -       Polypack
A55GKP Kit: A5GB and A46PB - -       Polypack
A57GKP Kit: A57GB and A46PB - -       Polypack
BK5557GBP Cam-on mounting bracket - -       Polypack
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