Add to your sales and profits with a wide selection of accessories from Optronics. Extension cords, power plugs, battery clips, red lenses, adapters, rechargeable batteries, and replacement bulbs, all add up to EXTRA PROFITS.

A100 Battery Clips
Copper clad 50-amp battery clips, pair.
Blister sleeve.

A200 Power Plug
12-volt, 12-amp. replacement plug.
Blister sleeve.

A303 Extension Cord
10-ft. coil cord, 12-amp. 150-watt.
Blister sleeve.

A101M Single Outlet
2-volt power receptacle with cover. Marine grade, stainless, brass, 12-amp, 150-watt. Blister sleeve.

A1201 Single Outlet
12-volt power receptacle with cover. 12-amp, 150-watt. Blister sleeve.

A1202 Dual Outlet
12-volt twin power receptacle with 15-amp. 150 safety fuse. Blister sleeve.
A124M Triple Outlet
12-volt power receptacle with waterproof covers. Marine grade, stainless, chrome-plated. 3-ft. cord, 15-amp fuse, LED indicator. Blister sleeve.
A203 Battery Adapter
3-ft. cord with power receptacle, battery clips, 15-amp safety fuse. Blister sleeve.
25-ft. 4-Way Wishbone Trailer Wiring Harness.
25-ft. 5-Way Wishbone Trailer Wiring Harness.


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