Enables the night fisherman to see his fishing line, lures, and even strikes in the darkest of nights. The blacklight illuminates fluorescent fishing line and some lures; enables you to see strikes before you feel them; untangle snags and backlashes; tie your lures on; and catch more fish!


FL319L LED Rechargeable Wide-Angle Fishing Light
Compact, multipurpose light ideal for the night fisherman.  Three switches allow individual control of the following light settings:

  • 19 UV LED's produce a wide angle black light to illuminate line from bow to stern
  • 5 red LED's provide task light for reading charts or rigging poles while preserving night vision
  • 5 white LED's produce enough light to set up for the night or clean up after
Cordless design for complete portability and convenience.  Take anywhere. Runs up to 6 hours on a single charge.  Charge or operate using 12-volt cord, or charge at home with 110-volt charger.  Padded storage bag included.  Four-color box.
BlackEye FL802R
- Twin Fluorescent, switch on one for black light or the other for standard fluorescent. Two suction cups and carrying strap. Compact unit operates from 12-volt power source; or with 6 "D" cell batteries. 12-volt  power cord. Four-color box.


BlackEye FL222B - Low profile 18-inch Fluorescent, 4-way switch allows for single black, white or both simultaneously. Two oversized suction cups. 15-ft cord with power plug. Four-color box.

BlackEye FL-200B
BlackEye FL200B - Adjustable Dual-Tube Fish-N-Lite. White fluorescent or black ultraviolet tubes rotate 360 degrees. Includes suction cups, double-sided tape and clip for mounting. 8-ft. 12-volt cord. Clam pack.
Incredibly powerful quartz halogen lights put out an amazing 300,000 cp. Fresh and saltwater models to choose from.

Featuring eight ultrabright green LED's in each module, this fishing light provides light output similar to fluorescent models of the same size, yet consumes even less power.  The first module includes a 20-foot power cord with battery clips and can function independently or with the addition of the second module.  Additional modules are available, allowing the fisherman to extend the light to the desired length.  And assembly is easyñ module ends are threaded and may simply be screwed together.  The endcap provided with the second module includes an eyelet for attachment of a weight, so the light can be submersed at the desired level.  This modular approach not only allows flexibility in the use of the light, but also makes storing the light much easier.

LED100G - Featuring six LED's, this submersible light provides light output comparable to fluorescent and halogen models of the same size, yet consumes less power.  The fluted reflector multiplies the light of the LED's and reflects it in every angle to reach more fish.  Powered by three AAA batteries, the light is completely portable, not tied down by a 12-volt cord; but the low amp draw of LED's means batteries will lastñup to 50 hours!  Compact size (less than 10î) allows for easy storage.  Eyelet on endcap for weight allows light to be submersed at desired level.  Battery cartridge holds 3 AAA batteries (included).
UW-100G NightBlaster® UW100G - Submersible Green Fish-N-Lite. 9-inch fluorescent tube glows green when illuminated, 12-volt unit includes battery clips, 15-ft. cord, 20ft. safety cord. Operates both in and out of the water. Draws only 1/2 amp. Clam pack.

UW-300G NightBlaster® Magnum UW300G - Submersible Green Fish-N-Lite. 18-inch fluorescent tube glows green when illuminated, increasing the power and attraction for deep lakes and ocean use. 12-volt unit includes battery clips, 15-ft. cord, 20-ft. safety cord. Operates both in and out of the water. Draws only 1 amp. Clam pack.
NightBlaster® UW3000 - Submersible Fish-N-Lite. 300,000 cp. underwater light, beam magnifier, rattles and bubbles. 15-ft. cord with battery clips. Clam pack. Saltwater model available. (UW300S). UW-3000
UW500G Submersible Fish-N-Lite / Green Fluorescent Light Plus Halogen Spot Beam - Combines two most popular submersible lights into one terrific fish magnet. Green fluorescent bulb attracts bait and game fish. Halogen light shines deep into water for a new level of fish attraction. 20-foot safety cord tethers light to boat. Safety snap for weight to submerse light at desired level. 20-foot power cord with battery clips for use with any 12-volt battery. For underwater use only.
Three models to choose from - Optronics floating lights are the most popular floating, fishing light on the market today. Waterproof Styrofoam housings. Molded sealed beam bulbs. Four-color box.

FLL712UV Combination Green/UV LED Floating Fishing Light

  • Light floats on the water's surface to attract night-feeding fish.

  • Beam from seven ultrabright green LED's penetrates water, simulating the full moon.
  • Beam from 16 ultraviolet LED's illuminates fluorescent monofilament line
  • Energy efficient LED's draw less than 1/2 amp per hourñlight runs for days on a typical 12-volt battery!
  • Compact, lightweight design stows easily; durable LED's withstand thousands of hours of use and won't overheat.
  • Includes 12-foot cord with fused 12-volt power plug for safety and convenience.

Bonus: Optronics Model A203 3-foot battery adaptor also included to extend cord and clip easily to battery.

NightBlaster® FL208 - Floating Fish-N-Lite, waterproof styrofoam housing, molded handle allows unit to double as spotlight, 26,000 cp., 8-ft. cord with battery clips. Four-color box.


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